Welcome to the Show!

I am so excited to do some incredible magic for you, live and in real time! Sit back, relax, grab some drinks and snacks, and enjoy the show!

No stage, no video or digital trickery. Instead we will interact via webcam. And you will make magic happen right in the comfort of your own home!

You have have been posted a “Mystery Bag”, containing some items that we will use during the show. Your are watching together with your friends and family? And everyone would like to be part of the magic? No Problem! We have prepared a “Virtual Mystery Bag”. 🙂

Download the PDF file and build your own Props! All you will need for this is a pair of scissors. Print out the PDF (preferably onto stiff paper) and cut out thedesign. If you do not have a printer at hand you could even draw the design yourself!

Keep the playing cards and your DIY props at hand during the show!

"Show & Genuß" Termine

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